Is this legal?

Based on the principle of compassionate use of medicines,Most countries have applicable laws and regulations.

Our mission is to get generally unavailable drugs for patients who need them.

There are many reasons for drugs not available to the general public, such as difficulties in treatment, the demand is too small for marketing because the drugs treat only very rare diseases. 

In order to provide options for patients in need for alternate treatments, some countries allow patients to get unapproved drugs through special arrangements or special clinical trials.

This kind of special arrangements for unapproved drugs have different names in different countries, such as Name Patient Program, Named Patient Import, Compassionate Use, Expand Access or Private Import Law, etc. However, they are basically the same regulation.

NPP(Named Patient Programm)

Patients and their doctors can do so on a designated patient importation basis, which is a legal exception to the general rule that medicines can be marketed only with market authorization. 

The general requirements for an exception to the importation of unauthorized medicines are.

 -Not approved and/or available in the patient's country, but approved elsewhere.

-Life-threatening or debilitating disease.

-There is no alternative program available.

-Personal use for individual patients.

-Prescribed by the patient's treating physician.

-Further requirements depend on specific national regulations in the country of destination.