According to Regulation 15(6) of the RegulationsDrug and Cosmetic Control 1984 , expertsfrom hospitals or private institutions can import drugs that are not registered with the KKM Drug Control Authority , for the purpose of treatment of life-threatening diseases.

  1. Who is eligible?

    Medical experts from hospitals or private institutions that is not under the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

  2. Which patients are eligible?

    Patients with life-threatening illness,and none of the registered medicines in Malaysia are effective for it.

  3. Things to pay attention to are as follows:

  • The unregistered release applied for is only necessary to treat an illness life-threatening only.

  • Before applying, check the registration status of the product you want to apply for.

  • The registration status of an issue can be checked by browsing and click on 'Quest Product Search'.

  • One form is to be completed by a medical practitioner only.

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